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Moisture Control & Waterproofing

Vulkem 350/351 Waterproofing System

Pedestrian and Waterproofing System

Vulkem® 350/351 is a composite waterproofing system comprised of tough curing liquid polyurethane. It cures to form a rubber membrane surface that provides a lasting and easy-to-clean coating. Textured surfaces for pedestrian traffic will use an aggregate-laden top membrane to aid in wear and slip resistance. Vulkem 350/351 may be used to apply a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane to concrete and primed metal surfaces.

Basic Uses

Vulkem 350/351 is ideal for plazas, recreation decks, balconies, mechanical rooms, stadiums, athletic surfaces and similar applications requiring an elastomeric waterproofing system.



One-Coat Moisture Control System
For Concrete to Receive ARDEX Underlayments

One-coat epoxy resin system
No sand broadcast required for underlayment applications of 1/4” (6 mm) or less
Ready to prime in just 4 hours
Solvent free, alkali resistant
Tenacious bond to substrate
Reduces moisture vapor emissions to acceptable levels for floor coverings
For RH readings up to 100% ASTM E96 perm rating ≤ 0.10
Use under all standard commercial and residential floor coverings on interior substrates only


Premium Epoxy Moisture Barrier for Concrete Substrates

Planiseal EMB is a high-performance, 100%-solids, two-part epoxy, one-coat moisture barrier system for concrete slabs that exhibit moisture vapor emission rates (MVERs) up to 25 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (11,3 kg per 92,9 m2) per 24 hours and reduces transmission rates to less than 3 lbs. (1,36 kg). Planiseal EMB’s unique formulation penetrates into the concrete substrate while creating a solid film layer on the surface for the ultimate in moisture transmission reduction.



MVR 8000 is a polymer-based, solvent-free product that will reduce vapor emission levels on properly prepared concrete slabs from up to 12lbs or 90% RH to levels acceptable for installation of floor covering when used as directed. MVR 8000 was developed for use on “Green” concrete slabs in fast track construction. The use of MVR 8000 allows the flooring contractor to install the flooring in as little as 28 days.



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